As one of the most reliable and efficient China sourcing and shipping agent, Mimi Logistics (MimiLogs) can help you to buy any item in China, whether on,,,, etc  and ship to your address in Nigeria, or you can pick up your goods from our mini warehouse in Lagos. We charge 4% of total purchase cost as processing fee.


Remember, if you live outside Lagos and you want us to deliver the goods to your address anywhere in Nigeria, you will pay separately for the cost of waybill to your address after the goods arrives our office in Lagos Nigeria. We can send your goods to your state or city in Nigeria by air, and you pick it up at the local airport in your state or we can also send by bus waybill.


For details of the cost of waybilling your goods from Lagos to your state or city, please kindly contact our Nigerian office for details. But basically, we make use of four major transport companies for goods waybill within Nigeria, they are: ABC Transport Plc, Young Shall Grow Motors, Peace Mass Transport, God is Good Motors, Bonnyway Motors, etc.


Meanwhile, if you have a preferred shipping agent you want to use to ship your goods from China to Nigeria after we buy for you, we can also buy and send directly to your preferred shipping agent’s China address.



To place order for us to buy anything for you, kindly click on the button “Buy From China Website” located at the bottom of this page, and then fill the form with the link of the product you want to order, the quantity and then fill the size, color, etc in the “variation” field, and click “Place Order” and wait for us to process your order and send you back the quotation containing total cost of buying the products you sent. You will receive quotation for each link you submitted separately for clarity, but if you submit multiple product links in one order, they will come with the same order number but as separate quotation for each link you submitted so you can know the exact cost of buying each product link you submitted to us for your own business cost calculation.


After we receive and send back your order  quotation, you are expected to pay for the order within 24hrs so that we can start buying your orders, if you fail to pay for your order after 24hrs, we will cancel the order, so make sure you are ready to order before you place order, thanks.


Please wait for 24hrs after you place order for us to send you a quote of your order. You can track the status of your order from your user dashboard or from our website home page.



Log into our website, CLICK HERE, then click on "My Money Wallet" and pay exact amount of money quoted on your order quotation to the displayed bank account only, then chat the number displayed for confirmation of your payment. 


Once your payment is confirmed, the amount you paid will be credited to your "My Money Wallet", and after your order is placed, the cost of your order quotation will be subtracted from your wallet, whatever balance you have will remain there for you to use to pay for other services we render for you.


Nigerian Mini Warehouse address: 20 Babayanju street, Mafoluku, Oshodi, Lagos, Nigeria

Call/WhatsApp: +2349096712144


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